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Welcome to B&D Marketing

B&D Marketing Ltd is a marketing consultancy designed to work with both; end user clients as well as third party Agencies and Brokers to help you and your clients achieve your marketing goals.


We take over 30 years’ experience in working across all data channels (Postal, Phone, Email or SMS) to ensure any campaigns we work on are as targeted as possible to offer your peace of mind that your investment will achieve a great return on investment.


Whether you are looking to target consumers or businesses we will treat your budget as if it is our own to ensure you find you the best possible solution for your marketing needs.


We offer a wide range of services including;




Data Cleaning;


Do not waste your budget or damage company reputation – Prior to running any campaigns to your own prospect or customer data we can run a free audit to let you know which records are still accurate cutting your broadcast or print and postal costs. Our Audit will also tell you how many records are registered on industry suppression lists to help you protect your brand.


Analysing your Customers;


Do you know exactly who your clients are? We can run a profile using actual variables that we hold to help you identify exactly what your customers look like. This will ensure that you are sending the most relevant message to the correct recipients to improve your response rates. It will also help ensure that any new records you look to purchase will be as targeted and relevant as possible.


Business to Business Data;


All of our Business to Business data is fully telephone verified to offer you the peace of mind that you will be purchasing the most accurate data on the market. We have access to over 3 million contacts across over 2 million businesses. We can help you target businesses at site level or head office using a wide range of variables. This really is the best data on the market and we can be very competitive (but realistic) with the rates.


Consumer Data;


We have the latest in consumer data overlaid with actual transactional information allowing your marketing campaigns (either Postal, Phone or Email) to be as targeted and relevant to the responder as possible.  We can overlay basket size, frequency of purchase, volume / value of purchase as well as many more variables. The data processes have all been fully audited and approved by the DMA.


The Latest Movers File;


Are you looking to contact someone before they move home and a competitor does?

We can tell you who has put their property on the market the instant it happens. With the average sale of a house taking 60 – 90 days between putting their property on the market until moving this file gives clients the opportunity to maximise customer retention as well as generating new customers prior to anyone else being aware they are looking to move. You can either purchase the data on a data licence agreement or on a list rental basis. (CPM or licence)



Print and Fulfilment;


We can save you money on Print and Branding Products? – B&D Marketing have negotiated a joint venture partnership to help you get the best value for your budget! Our mailing partner Bay Direct Media will be pleased to quote you for your mailing requirements and give you a 10% discount for quoting B&D Marketing Ltd! You can also add value to your mailing by including a branded product to give to your recipient as a gift? With over 3500 to choose from there will be something to tempt you! Simply call our branded merchandise partner Phoenix Corporate Gifts Ltd.




Please contact us for a quick referencing spreadsheet which includes;

For orders and further information please contact;


Scott Brown

Mobile: 07932 538 225

Landline: 0131 478 0884

Linkedin: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/scottandrewbrown

Skype: Scott.Brown4337

Data Cards: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5km8tmz2n9al733/CbuX7_f9x0

Twitter: @Dataking

Email; Scott@BandDMarketing.com