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B&D Marketing Ltd is a marketing consultancy designed to work with both, end users as well as Marketing Agencies to ensure every client will achieve the best possible return on investment for their marketing. We help our clients achieve their marketing goals through fully opted in and compliant marketing channels. B&D Marketing has cherry picked the suppliers we work with to ensure the data is compliant, opted in, offers great breadth and depth and is responsive through not being over worked! We will ensure you can run your marketing campaigns with peace of mind that we will protect your brand as well as generate a great response. Here at B&D Marketing Ltd we have access to; • Data Auditing, Cleaning and Profiling - Saving clients’ money, ensure they are fully compliant as well as to protect clients from damaging their brand with inaccurate data. • Fully opted in Business to Consumer (B2C) data for 3rd party marketing through postal, phone or email campaigns. • Fully opted in Business to Business (B2B) marketing data • Niche marketing lists • Re-engagement software - 90% of your website visitors will leave your site in the first 30 second and amazingly on average 67% of online shopping baskets are abandoned. Re-engage marketing is currently converting over 25% of this lost web traffic / website leavers into sales helping client maximise their marketing spend across SEO, PPC, Adwords, Display and Direct Marketing. • Social Media Marketing - Facebook promotions - We manage a number of Social Media Groups that allows you to market directly to a socially responsive audience. We treat our clients marketing budget as we would our own to ensure we maximise the response from every penny spent.


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