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Are you GDPR compliant yet?

We are here to help you become GDPR Compliant before May 2018 as well as remain GDPR Compliant. 


After over 15 years of helping clients source compliant marketing data we use the knowledge we have gained on top of our recently completed (and passed) GDPR Foundation and Practitioner's course. 

We are able to help businesses become GDPR literate and compliant through offering our services as an independent Data Protection Officer. 

I am sure by now everyone should be are aware that a business can become liable for up to 4% of their global turnover or 20 million Euros for failing to comply to GDPR. This fine would be levied by you local Supervisory Authority (In the UK this will be the ICO). 

However data subjects are also able to sue (with no upper limit as to the amount they can claim);

• For Material and Non Material Damage
• Separately or Jointly (Class Action) 
• The Corporate as well as an individual Data Collector and/or Data Processor


Bearing in mind that the PPI market must finish by August 2019..... what do you think these solicitors could turn their attention to next? 

We can help in a Data Protection Officer capacity by helping businesses with; 

- Awareness training for all staff members
- Management Support and Training. 
- Data Protection Impact Assessment. Co-Design and Implementation 
- Data Auditing 
- Data Cleaning 
- Terms & Conditions Amendments
- Employment Contract Amendments 
- IT / Information Security
- Cookies Policies 

- Assist with Policy Design and Implementation
- Opt in Statements review
- Process overview and implementation

We can help you identify where you need the help and work with you to help you become compliant in time for GDPR go live date as well as help you remain compliant moving forwards. 

We are here to partner with our clients to ensure you protect your brands reputation, continue to thrive and avoid any fines.

Our services

Data Protection Officer

We are here to help you become compliant with GDPR and avoid hefty fines from the Supervisory Authority (ICO) as well as avoid private law suits. We help through; Monitoring Compliance, Provide information, Advice, and Liaise with the Supervisory Authority (ICO for the UK), Work with the Highest level of Management as well as Data Controllers and Processors, Help clients manage risk through Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), Help design and Implement Corporate Policy to ensure Compliance with GDPR, Offer Corporate Awareness Training, Provide Advice, Where Requested, Cooperate and act as a Contact Point with the ICO on your behalf, Help Speak to Data Subjects on your behalf if there is ever an issue with a Data Breach.

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