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Corporate Training

Management, Corporate Wide Training

Our comprehensive and fun training will help all levels of a corporation gather a thorough understanding of; 


- What is GDPR?


- Why is GDPR coming into place? 


- What are the implications of GDPR to you and your business? 


- How will it affect you as an individual employee as well as your business?


- What do you NEED to be aware off and


- What do you need to do to become compliant?


Our training sessions are designed to encourage interaction and ensure that we engage with every member of staff from the Managing Directors through to an Apprentice.

We ensure that everyone understands the concept of GDPR and fundamental changes that each an every business needs to make to become and more importantly remain compliant. Minimising the risk of of Data Breaches or heavy fines.

The ICO will have the power to audit a business to ensure you have the corect processes in place. Our awareness training will ensure that you are aware of what proceses your business will need to put in place.   

Forewarned is to be forearmed.....and a lot richer 

Data Protection Officer

We are here to help you become compliant with GDPR and avoid hefty fines from the Supervisory Authority (ICO) as well as avoid private law suits. We help through; Monitoring Compliance, Provide information, Advice, and Liaise with the Supervisory Authority (ICO for the UK), Work with the Highest level of Management as well as Data Controllers and Processors, Help clients manage risk through Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), Help design and Implement Corporate Policy to ensure Compliance with GDPR, Offer Corporate Awareness Training, Provide Advice, Where Requested, Cooperate and act as a Contact Point with the ICO on your behalf, Help Speak to Data Subjects on your behalf if there is ever an issue with a Data Breach.

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